How to Treat Warts, Naturally: Thuja occidentalis (video)

How to Treat Warts, Naturally:  Thuja occidentalis

Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma virus (HPV) when it invades the top layer of the skin (epidermis) and causes rapid growth of keratin (the hard protein found in the skin) to grow too fast. Scientists have identified more than 100 variations of the virus. Certain forms of the virus are more likely to cause skin warts on the hands. Other forms of HPV are more likely to cause genital warts, although some strains of the virus can cause both.

Warts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be firm and raised with a rough surface like cauliflower or round, flat and smooth. They can be single or growing in clusters. Warts on the bottom of feet are called plantar’s warts and can be very painful because the weight of the body on them pushes them into the sole of the foot. Some warts are long and thin and are mostly found on eyelids, neck and armpits.

HPV can be passed on by close skin-to-skin contact, as well as through contact with towels, shoes, door knobs, and shower floors.

A person whose skin is damaged, wet, or comes into contact with rough surfaces is more likely to catch the infection. For example, a person with scratches or cuts on the soles of his/her feet is more likely to catch the virus in and around public swimming pools.

Since people all have different immune systems some may develop warts when they come into contact with HPV, while others don’t. The risk of catching warts from another person is fairly small, but it exists. Genital warts are much more contagious.

Webmd states:
“The viruses are more likely to cause warts when they come in contact with skin that is damaged or cut. Getting a small scrape or biting fingernails may bring on wart. Similarly, cuts and nicks from shaving can provide an avenue for infection. This explains why men may have warts in the beard area, while women often have them appear on the legs.”

There are many old wive’s tales about how to get rid of warts ranging from cutting a potato and putting it under your bed to covering it with duct tape for six days. I don’t know about all of that, but I do know what I have seen work in 98% of the people I have suggested the following homeopathic remedy to: Thuja occidentalis.

Since warts are caused by a virus, it only stands to reason that they need to be addressed from the inside out. Wipe the virus out of the body and the warts will go away.

One young lady who was getting ready to enter high school had over 200 warts on her hands and arms. You can imagine her apprehension about that! After two weeks on Thuja, all the warts were gone! Her MD father and dermatologist were shocked at the effectiveness of the remedy and the dermatologist began suggesting Thuja for other patients. A young man had a plantar’s wart on his foot that caused him considerable pain. One week on Thuja and the wart dropped off. His father was so delighted that he bought two more vials of the remedy to give one to his son’s doctor. I have well over 50 success stories of how Thuja got rid of warts in three weeks or less. Another case was of a lady who had a huge wart under her thumb nail and the Dr. was going to have to remove the nail to remove the wart. One week on Thuja and the wart was gone. I was even shocked!

If a person scoffs and doubts the effectiveness of homeopathy, this is the remedy they should try just to see for themselves. Thuja, second only to Arnica, has made many believers in homeopathy.

Thuja occidentalis 30C
Dosage: Dissolve 3 pills under tongue 3 times each week until warts are gone.

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137 Responses to How to Treat Warts, Naturally: Thuja occidentalis (video)

  1. Louise Peacock says:

    Just 3 x per week?

    • Herbmamasita says:

      Hello, Louise,
      Three times per week has worked for many, many people. It can’t hurt to take it more often, but why use more than you need. If after two weeks the warts haven’t diminished, then go to once/day. Generally, the warts are gone from 2 days to 2 weeks. Have a great Memorial weekend! Tami

      • Louise Peacock says:

        Thanks, Tami, that’s great. It’s my dog I’m treating and I have been using 2 pills of Thuja 30, rather than 3. It will be a HUGE relief if the wart goes, because I don’t want to have it removed surgically and it has been getting larger and larger. I had completely forgotten about Thuja until I looked up Warts online and found this site. thanks again.


      • Herbmamasita says:

        Two is just as good as three. One homeopath says “Just one pellet can cure an elephant!” It’s the potency that matters most in homeopathy. Let me know how things go with your dog, please. I have only treated humans so far, but I have seen other amazing healings on animals via homeopathy: boils, abscess, arthritis, hot spots, and even lymphoma!

      • Louise Peacock says:

        I will most certainly let you know how this goes. Although I am not a registered homeopath, just a lay practitioner, I have been using the remedies since I was a child, and in the past few years have some spectacular successes with the animals.

        In one case, our dog was diagnosed with Cushings Disease, which has no cure and some rather heavy handed Allopathic treatments which don’t really help that much. I checked on line and found a paper by a homeopathic vet who had successfully used a combination of three remedies to hold the disease in check in horses. I used these 3 remdies on the dog, and he lasted, in pretty good health and comfort for another 2 years.

        In another case one of our cats had seriously elevated A.L.T. levels indicating serious liver problems. I was able to get some SAM.E. made in Homeopathic form and successfully treated her with it. she finally died 5 years later of other old age related issues.

  2. Louise Peacock says:

    Since May 26, I have moved to giving the remedy 3 times weekly. the only change I have noticed since then is that the wart is getting larger. Because of its location it is actually pressing on her eye ball. It is right on the edge of the lid.

  3. Louise Peacock says:

    Have been out of touch – sorry. The thing on her eyelid is definitely a wart, confirmed by the vet. It is a flat, smooth type. I looked the wart on eyelid issue up in one of my Homeopathic vet books and they suggest Causticum 12X 3x daily for week. I am going to try that as soon as I can get it. I’ll let you know what happens.

    • Herbmamasita says:

      Please let me know if the Causticum works. 98% of the time Thuja does the job . . .but some people and some dogs are different. Interesting, had another lady contact me about a wart on her dog! So, if Thuja doesn’t work – I’ll suggest Caust. Great day to you!

      • Wow, sorry been a busy summer and only now aqm I getting back to you. Anyway, after the Thuja failed to r educe the wart, I consulted my homeopathic vet book again, it is by Dr. Christopher Day in the U.K. He mentions Thuja, Causticum and Nitric acid in connection to warts. His suggestion is to try each remedy for a two week period. Thuja 30, then Causticum 30 and if the problem is still there, the Nitric acid 30. After the Causticum there appeared to be some possible change to the flat shiny grey wart, but nothing substantial. Once the Nitric acid two week period was done, I noticed a SIGNIFICANT change, a reduction, and some tiny external bumps. I returned to the Thuja for 2 weeks. The wart kept on reducing until in completely disappeared with no bleeding or eyelid scarring. that was in July and it is now December, the eyelid is still clear.

      • Herbmamasita says:

        Wow, that is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing that with me. I will add it to my repertoire for future issues like that!

        Tami Swedlund, Naturally Better

  4. Please write remady about piles.

    • Herbmamasita says:

      I am so sorry in my delay. The homeopathic remedy most indicated for piles is Aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) according to Dr. Robin Murphy’s Remedy Guide. I have had one consult that it helped greatly.

  5. gio says:

    Hello any difference between taking Thuja occidentalis 30c and Thuja occidentalis 30x?

  6. Ida Streeter says:

    My daughter is 8.5 years old and has about 50 warts, mostly on her hands, but some of them are on her face and feet. She weighs about 50 lbs. We recently tried treating some on her hands with Apple Cider Vinegar topically, which is helping, many are turning black after just a few days of this. However, at this rate this treatment will take years to rid all of them off her body. And I don’t see how I will get her to put the vinegar on her face…so my question is, would you take the same does for children? 3 tablets 3x a week? This would be much easier than the vinegar method (though it is working). Thanks so much for your help!

    • Herbmamasita says:

      Oh, the poor little thing! Not cool in school to have warts. Thuja occidentalis (30x or 30c) has been very effective at getting rid of warts even in young children. I know, personally, of two girls that had over 200 warts on their hands and arms. I suggested that protocol: 3 tablets dissolved under the tongue 3 times/week. Within a month, the warts were completely gone. Keep on with the ACV, if you like – that hits it from the outside, but Thuja hits it from the inside out getting rid of the virus that causes them. Personally, I dose with Thuja once/month as a preventative. Please let me know what happens with her.

      • Ida Streeter says:

        Thank you for the quick response! I will try the 3 tablets 3x a week and hope for the best! I think we will continue with the ACV for the few fingers we started treating as well. I will keep you posted! Thanks again

  7. Anon says:

    I have warts on beard area since last 2 years. Its started with 1 warts and became hundreds over time. Initially I tried homeopath for few months (Doctor didn’t reveal the actual medicine name though) but didn’t get any success. Then go for surgical methods. They are successful in removing but not stopping them. They keep on growing. Now I am taking liquid nitrogen spray every week which is again remove new warts but not stopping them from growing. I would love would be thankful for my life time if I can cure them using homeopath. After reading this I start taking Thuja 30 from today and hoping for good. Please suggest if any other thing I need to do.

    • Herbmamasita says:

      Hello, Anon, So sorry for you! Warts on the face is not cool. The only thing that I know of for getting rid of warts if Thuja occidentalis. It has proving successful for many people. You could try putting Apple Cider Vinegar on them – someone posted that they was working but is slow. Many people see great results in as little as one week. So expect the best.

    • Louise says:

      My homeopath suggested 2 weeks of Thuja 6x, then if they haven’t gone, 2 weeks of Causticum 12x, and if still not gone, 2 weeks of Acidum nitricum 6x This combination approach worked for me.

  8. Lorena says:

    Hi, please can you help me, my daughter who is 7 has molluscum contagious on her face and parts of her body for 7 months, and keep spreading, which is making her very sad I want to try the thuja remedy you mention in this page but I am a bit scare of side efects, I want to know if it’s safe , I am desperate to help her but I want to do it in a safe way. I hope you can help me with advice Also there are two brands that offer this medicine weleda and Nelson wich one is better? Thanks in advance

    • Herbmamasita says:

      Hello, so sorry for your daughter. Yes, Thuja is the remedy indicated for molluscum contagious according to Dr. Murphy’s Clinical Repertory. Actually, my cousin’s little daughter had that a few months ago. Homeopathic remedies don’t have the side effects of other kinds of medicine, whether herbs or pharmaceuticals because they are micro-dilutions of the original products. In this case, Thuja occidentalis 30c, is 30 1:100 dilutions of a tincture made from the fresh green twigs from the Arbor vitae tree. If you are nervous, just dose her one time and wait a few days to see if she has any reactions. I have seen one dose of a homeopathic effect a cure in some people. Also, do a little more research about it to assure your heart that it is safe.

      Where you buy your homeopathics is your decision. If the company practices Good Manufacturing Principles, either should be fine, okay?

  9. Lorena says:

    Hi, thanks for replying, I gave her I dose Two days ago and I am waiting to see if she has any reaction, if everything is ok, I will start the treatment. can u tell me for how long she needs to take it, and the dosage is 3 tablets , 3 times a week?. I really hope it works, everyday she is getting more spots, on her face ,some children at school don’t want to play with her. If you have any other advise to get rid of them please let me know, perhaps something that helped your coursing little daugther. thanks in advance for your kind help.

    • Herbmamasita says:

      Oh, that is so sad that the other children don’t want to play with her. Well, since molloscum contagion is caused by a virus there are several anti-virals that you could apply to them: Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf Extract (it can stain clothes, though), and Coconut Oi. For little ones, I think Coconut Oil is the best choice. Besides applying it to the bumps, give her a teaspoon orally each day. Here is an article about that from one of my favorite wholistic websites:

      Please keep me informed.

      • Ida says:

        Hi! We are the ones who are treating with Apple cider vinegar… Btw that is working but slowly for some and pretty quickly for others… My question is why do you say to dose 3 tabs 3x a week when the thuja bottle dosage is 5 tabs 3x a day?

      • Herbmamasita says:

        Glad to hear there is some improvement! Basically, the reason I say 3/3x/week is because warts are a chronic problem, not acute. Thuja is also indicated for Candidiasis (yeast infections) which is an acute illness – in that case I would suggest 3/3x/day. Also, the 3x/week strategy has worked for so many people, so why use more than you need? 3 pills/day would be fine, also.

  10. Paula says:

    Hello, I just want to share an amazing Thuja- Wart success story that happened when my now 31 year old daughter was about 6 or 7 years old. She was complaining about a sore hard area on the sole of her foot, so I took her to a podiatrist and he diagnosed it as a plantar wart, and he cut it out. Not too long after that it grew back and there were 3 or 4 more as well. A homeopath friend suggested Thuja I think 30 once a day plus lemon oil rubbed in. She took it herself each day off the lid, neither of us touched it. After a couple of weeks I asked her how her warts were going and she told me they were all gone, but even more impressive was that an uncomfortable wart I’d had on my finger for several years also disapeared at that time. We can only assume from skin contact through goodnight cuddles etc. Our warts have never returned. Today my other daughter
    -28 yr old- has started on Thuja 30 to treat a wart on her hand and I was looking here to check for the best dose frequency. I hope this inspires others to try it.

    • Herbmamasita says:

      That’s fantastic news! So, people, maybe go ahead and dose once/day with Thuja. Thanks for sharing about the lemon oil. I’ll add that to my protocol for helping people with warts.

    • Paula says:

      Our most recent use of Thuja did not appear to be effective. My 28 year old daughter -Harmony, used it for 3 – 4 weeks and didn’t notice any change in the uncomfortable wart on her hand. She then went to the doc and had it treated with liquid nitrogen. The Doc commented on the size of the core and wasn’t sure that her treatment would work even if repeated 2 more times, however the wart fell out/off a few says later and still seems to be completely gone after 3 weeks. The doctors treatment was surprisingly effective so maybe the Thuja played a role. I think the message here is keep trying.

  11. Rabia says:

    Hi my husband also has warts over the neck and some over his face, this gives him real tough time when he shaves.
    He had tried a number of ways to remove them but they grow again.

    Last yr he was given thuja (Occidentalis) 30, 10 ml dilution but he didn’t use it. Now after reading all these reviews i want him to try it religiously. I would like you to tell me the usage of this medicine. How many drops should be taken. I hope the intake is oral.

    The same doc also have him to apply warts remover podophyllotoxin Mt + thuja Mt. How effective are these.

    These medicines are with us for an year now, used a few times only. Does it get expired as there is no expiry date mentioned.


    • Herbmamasita says:

      Hello, homeopathic remedies are very stable over long periods of time, so I think the bottle you have is still good. He should dose with 1/2 dropper daily until the warts are gone. Then once/week for a month. I dose myself with Thuja every month because people are continually re-exposed to the wart virus via contact with others – walking barefoot around a pool, shaking hands, etc. I am not sure about the Podophyllotoxin. In my experience, just taking Thuja orally has cleared warts in 95% of the cases. Let me know how it goes, please.

      • anonymous says:

        Hello i have flat face warts on my forehead I started with one from there its been spreading from the sides of face and my chin I wen to dermatology nothings has been working it’s been getting worse and my self esteem just coming down and I just don’t know what to do is just getting worse and worse please help

      • Herbmamasita says:

        Hello, I can imagine that having warts on your face would affect your self esteem!! Well, flat warts are caused by the HPV virus also, so the Thuja Occidentalis is still the best homeopathic option for you. So, buy some Thuja that is 30C potency and dose by dissolving 3 pellets under your tongue once/day until the warts are gone. If they aren’t gone in a month, then another remedy may be needed. Also, you can try an anti-viral – something like Olive Leaf or Oil of Oregano (capsules). Take 1, 3x/day for 10 days. That may help kill the virus, also. Coconut Oil is an anti-viral, also, so you may want to put them on the warts at bedtime. Please let me know if this works for you, okay?

  12. Patricia says:

    Hi Thanks for all your advice – but I have a couple of questions.
    Should you take the 3 pellets all at once or spread through the day?
    I had about 25 warts and a verruca – for years and took Thuja for about 2 weeks – and all disappeared. However, I cannot remember the dose – although I took one first thing in the morning.
    However, one wart came back after a time – and is now spreading .
    I read that Thuja may not be so effective the second time – have you heard that?
    Would be really grateful for your advice. Thank you.

    • Hello, Wow that’s wonderful news about the 25 warts and verruca disappearing in two weeks! Homeopathy is awesome. To answer your questions: 1) Take all 3 pellets at the same time. 2) Thuja (and any other homeopathic) is just as effective the second, third, or whatever time you need it. Remember that warts are caused by a virus – it seems you got re-exposed to that virus again. Even a handshake can pass it. I take Thuja about every 3 months – just one dose – as a preventative. Here’s another example of homeopathic’s effectiveness on numerous occasions. Burns. Cantharis is the remedy for burns – sun burns, stove burns, all kinds of burns. It works just as well the first time as the 15th. As a mama of five kids, I cooked alot and got several burns through the years. Always, cantharis took care of them! A wonderful day to you, Tami

  13. danny says:

    Hello , I practise thuja occidentalis for getting rid of some genital warts. I quited coffee and mint. I see some improvement but smoking is able to affect the remedy?

    • Dr. Robin Murphy, ND, says that those ideas that you can’t have mint, coffee, or nicotine are myths. Homeopathy is not biochemical – its energetic medicine. Hard to explain, but it works on the principles of physics. So, you’re okay. Many people I have treated recovered from their ailments even though still chewing gum, etc. Many, MANY people have been cured of your ailment with Thuja. It’s the same virus that causes warts elsewhere. Enjoy a smoke and a cup of coffee!

      • danny says:

        Thank you very much. It’s nice to hear that’s homeopathy is energetic. That’s why i try to believe it more and more , not being anxious etc. It’s hard cause those warts have destroyed my sexlife and i feel bad. I will let you know about the results.

  14. milkman28 says:

    I was looking at 200c what is your suggestion on this high potency ……. ??

  15. milkman28 says:

    This will also help with anal warts right??

  16. No, no – it’s not dangerous. I use both 30c and 200c for different ailments. Like I said, the 200c lasts longer in the system, so you can dose less frequently. 3x/week. The only thing that a 200C potency may do that a 30c won’t is target emotional problems. Thuja isn’t indicated for any emotional problems (many other remedies are, though). Oh, Yes, it helps with anal and genital warts. I have had several people tell me their warts in those areas were gone in a matter of weeks.

    • milkman28 says:


    • Krish says:

      I am taking Thuja 200 potency once a day before breakfast for intertitial systitis last one month and I have relief by taking this medicine but till have problem of intertitial systitis, when I leave to taking this medicine then problem arises, so again started to take this medicine. Please tell me, howlong I can take this medicine Thuja 200 potency to get fully cured. It would be very helpfull to me.Thanks in advance. Waiting for your promt positive response.

      • Hello, Krish,
        I don’t think that Thuja is the best remedy for IC. I suggest Cantharis or Staphysagria instead. Cantharis is you experience a burning, hot sensation when urinating. Staphysagria if you are experiencing frequent urgings to go urinate, with dribbling and burning towards the end of urination. I prefer to use 30x or 30c potencies. Dosage: Dissolve 3 pills under tongue 3x/day until symptoms are gone.

        Also, D-Mannose. That is the sugar found in cranberry juice and it helps the bladder get rid of the bacteria that could be causing your problem. Learn more about that at this website:

        I buy D-Mannose from Please let me know if my suggestions help you, Tami

  17. Homeopathy serves people in two ways 1) Acute physical Complaints like nausea, sunburn, poison ivy, warts, but also 2) “Constitutionally” – for physical ailments that may be rooted in emotional ailments. For example, migraine headaches. Many people have migraine headaches because they have suppressed an emotional trauma that happened to them years ago. In cases like that, the homeopath has a consult with the person (which takes about 1-2 hours) and goes through their history: health, family health history, physical and emotional traumas. Then the homeopath finds the one remedy that will address the majority of the person’s physical and emotional ailments. A good homeopath always follows up with the people they treat, constitutionally, about every 4-6 weeks. It really is amazing to see the difference in people. Natrum Muriaticum is one of the remedies that treats migraines, constitutionally. I always tell people when they start that remedy “you may find your voice.” In other words, they will not just swallow their words when something upsets them – they will say what’s on their mind. So, in the case of Natrum Mur, the side effect is speaking your mind. To practice homeopathy like that takes years of study.

    • milkman28 says:

      OHHHHHHH OK …. was just wondering lol….. I had read on webmd … side effects such as causing seizures, and brain damage ……. Hopefully this is not true!!

  18. Hey, Yes, often people search for the name of a homeopathic remedy and the information they get is about the plant it was made from, not the remedy (which is a dilution of the original substance). For example, Thuja 30C is 30 1:100 dilutions of the original substance! A microdilution. So, always be sure to search with the word homeopathic in it. I don’t use potencies below 24x or 12 c because they still have some of the original substance in them. Then, of course, there may be interactions.

  19. Tammy says:

    Does thuja 30c cure flat facial warts .. I’ve had them for almost 14 years and I tried almost everything except for thuja.. how will I know if it’s working.. will I have to wait for 3 weeks to start seeing result or will I see change gradually over each week.. thank you

    • Hello,
      You will know it is working if the warts get smaller and, eventually, are gone.

      Every “body” is different – some people’s warts are gone in a matter of days of taking Thuja; with others, it takes longer than that.

      Thuja occidentalis is indicated for any kind of wart.

      Have a good day and hope it works quickly for you!

  20. Jo says:

    Hi. I’m a 35 yr old female. And I have molluscum on my face. pls help how to get rid of this, it is spreading fast.

    • Hello, I checked and Thuja is the remedy suggested for molluscum. So, try that. Try to get a 30c or 30x potency and dose once/day, preferably at bedtime, okay? Not fun to have those one the face!

  21. damion m says:

    Hi there, I had a wart growing on my eye lid and one on my nose, so I did some research and ended up here, and bought from B&E Thuja 30X, I started taking a couple of days ago. I don’t know if its just me, but a get quite anxious about 1 hour after taking them, which lasts for an hour, to be honest my whole body/mind feels a bit ‘odd’, so I think they are doing something, but I have noticed now a few red bumps appearing on my cheeks, which look like warts, one on my hand too, is it possible this thuja is pushing the virus out or the virus is trying to run away? 🙂 Not sure what’s happening or if I need to go see a doctor/homeopath!!

    • Hello, I am sorry for the delay in response to you. How often are you taking the Thuja 30X? It really is effective just taking it three times/week. That is very normal to have some of other response to homeopathic remedies – they are a bioenergetic medicine. Some people are much more sensitive than others to remedies. It seems that you are one of those! As long as it doesn’t distress you, it’s fine. It ought to stop though after a few doses. It very well could be pushing things out. The skin is the best way to detox and if you’ve used any kind of product that may have suppressed skin ailments, the thuja could be pushing out what it held in. Okay?

      • damion m says:

        Hello I ditched the 30X for 30C (it was a different brand) and dont get the anxious side effects. However, I have continued use of 30C for a couple weeks (1 tablet every 2 days) they are getting bigger and spreading, so I ordered nitric acidum and causticum 200c, no idea what to expect! 🙂

  22. K. K says:

    Hi, I have two symptoms that I would like to know what remedy I need. Firstly I have a small cyst close to the anus. Secondly I started studying full time this year, and suffer from tension headaches. Ant advice is appreciated 🙂

    • Hello, Pulsatilla (30 x or c potency) is the homeopathic remedy that is good for tension headaches caused by the anxiety of education. Dose yourself as needed. IE, if you feel the headache coming on, dissolve 3 pills under your tongue. The big book of homeopathy says that Thuja is good for cysts, also. My gut was Silica 30C for the cyst. So, you could try Thuja and see what happens. Dissolve 3 under tongue once/day until it (hopefully) is gone. If not, try Silica – or you could do both. Personally, I dose with Thuja once/month because people can be exposed to the virus that causes warts often.

  23. Missmilk says:

    Hi I have been searching online for a homeopathic remedy for warts, I have seen in holland and Barrett they sell melsons thuja 30C do I take all 3 caps at once or 3 spaced throughout the day & do they need to be dissolved under tongue? I am suffering from both genital and warts on feet any advice would be so much appreciated

    • Hello, Missmilk, Well, here’s some encouraging news – several people that I know of took Thuja for genital warts and they went away. Also, big warts on the feet. So, good chance it will happen for you, also. Take 3 caps/once/day. They don’t have to be dissolved under the tongue. You can put the pellets in a small glass of water, let it dissolve, then swish it in your mouth for about a minute and swallow.

      • Missmilk says:

        Hi thanks so much for getting back to me. So that would be 3 caps per day for 3 days then a rest for a few days? Then start again? Is there any horrible side effects? & I’m so glad this has cured people such a relief as pharmaceutical methods have not been working in my favor and reoccurancs are happening after 6 months or so:-( hope to hear from you soon, many thanks again

      • Missmilk says:

        Hi also would it be 3 caps all at once under the tongue not swallowed directly x

  24. Jennifer says:

    Hi i have an eight year old daughter that got diagnosed with flat warts on her face 6 months ago she has had them for a year and a half though they are spreading across half of her forhead and appearing more and more each day i have bought thuja the liquid form and thuja capsels 200ck plus a natural product called eye of newt which has coconut oil oregano oil red clover dandeline comfrey buckhorn emu oil and bees wax in it. i got told to but the liquid thuja on then put the eye of newt on after that and take the 200 ck of thuja we started it 2 days ago and more have appeared on her face yet on the ones that were there before they have turned brown and scabby. im so confused on if it is working or what to do and if im doing this right please can you help

    • Hello, Jennifer,
      I don’t know about the eye of newt mixture – not much of an herbalist. I prefer using the 30ck potency instead of the 200ck. If using the 200ck, then don’t dose as frequently – in her case, 2x/week. The Thuja liquid sounds like a good idea. The second place remedy for warts is Calcarea Carbonicum. Since you’ve only be doing this for 2 days, I would stick with the Thuja for 3 weeks and see what happens, okay? Sometimes the warts go away fast and sometimes it takes a little bit longer. Okay?

      • Jennifer says:

        ok i will do that then is it normal for it to scab over also on all the warts and will it fall off or heal thanks so much

      • Jennifer says:

        my daughter has been using thuja for three weeks and they are all gone thank you so much for all your support and help im so happy that i have found your sight

  25. Mary says:

    I have been giving my dog thuja, 30c, 2 pellets in her waterdish every day. It has reduced the wart on her lip, but not eliminated it. We stopped giving her thuja and her wart is growing again. Should we restart? change the rememdy? change the dose?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello, Mary,
      Well, if the wart was getting smaller I suggest you continue to give it to her as you were. Sometimes the go away fast, sometimes it takes a month – every “body” is different!

      • Mary says:

        thank-you very much for your prompt reply. To clarify, our dog Sophie was on thuja for approxiamately 2 months. We believed the wart was as small as it would get, so we stopped. However, within 3 weeks, the wart has grown.
        Thanks again.

  26. artbysadhana says:


    I have 4 plantar warts for 4-5 months. Day by day they all getting painful and now I literally cry in front of kids because of pain and being helpless. Please help me. I have gone through two sessions of liquid nitrogen treatment and one laser.
    Thank you

    • Oh, I am so sorry for your pain. Several of my patients have used Thuja 30C for plantar warts and the warts disappeared after a few days! I was even surprised at how quickly that happened. So, try that. Dose: Dissolve 3 pills under tongue 3 times/week. Please let me know what happens for you.

  27. Yes, you can take them daily. Best at bedtime. One man used Thuja 30C for his son’s plantar wart and came back to see me 5 days later to give me a hug because the wart had simply dropped off. He bought more to give to his son’s MD because her son had a plantar wart, also. That man also said that his son’s acne improved while on Thuja. That surprised me!

  28. Maria says:

    Reading all of this gives me much hope.

    I’ve gone to the doctor but the problem seems to be getting worse.

    I have recently found out I have genital warts and they seem to be getting worse. I also have warts on my arms, hands, face, and they are spreading to my neck and chest.
    I purchased the thuja pellets but they are the 6c kind. Will they still be effective? I purchased the 30c kind as well but I will be getting them in the mail.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. I am very sad and worried. I will also be returning to the doctor but I have lost faith in them.

    • Hello, Maria,
      Go ahead and start dosing with the 6C. Dissolve 3 pills under tongue once/day. When the 30C arrives, use that instead. My brother had genital warts and used Thuja and the wart went away in 2 weeks!! Can’t say that will happen for you, but thought you’d be encouraged to hear that. Another young lady used Thuja 30 for same thing and her warts were gone in about 2 months. Okay? Don’t be sad and worried. I heard that everybody gets exposed to the HPV by the time they are 40 years old – the warts appear where the contact was made. A handshake can pass it. So, I dose with Thuja once/month as a preventative measure.

  29. mydadslovechild says:

    When I was a teen I had hundreds of plantar warts on my feet for over a year. I had them frozen of each week and each week there were more. They went away for some reason. Then 12 years ago when I got pregnant with my first kiddo I got a plantar wart on my thumb. I’ve goth more and now have them on most of my fingers. NOTHING has helped. So I researched and found Thuja. I have 6C. It says to take 5 pellets the times daily. I don’t know how the 6C is and different then the 30c/x. I am so hopeful this will work. I’m to the point of wanting to cut of all of my fingers. Ugh!

    • Hello, I’m sorry about that. Don’t be discouraged and do not cut off your fingers!!! LOL. I prefer 30C because it is more potent, so you don’t have to dose as often. I have never used Thuja 6C, so can’t say for sure. Follow the instructions on the bottle and see what happens. Different people respond differently – some people’s warts fall off or go away after just a few days; others take up to two months. If nothing changed after two months, then a different remedy may be needed.

    • danny says:

      Go to a skin doctor who has leiser machine. Leiser is the most effective because it can remove those by the root. Also continue taking thuja is very helpful.

  30. artbysadhana says:

    I took thuja for 17 days but nothing happened. I have 4 plantar warts but three of them are very painful … labor pains. What else should I take ….for pain. I am taking too many Tylenol daily. I don’t want to. Thanks

  31. g says:

    I went to my local store but I could not find Thuja tablets I could only find the oil. Will the oil still work?

    • Hello, it won’t work as quickly as the oral Thuja, but it ought to work. Just apply to wart several times/day and also to the bottom of your feet at bedtime. That way the Thuja can get into the body, also.

  32. says:

    The Thuja Occidentalis I have is in a liquid form. What dosage/how often would you recommend for a 13 year old boy?

    • What potency is it? 30c? 30X? Or something else?

      • ruchi says:

        I have been giving Thuja200 to my golden retriever,age 5 years for 3 months,to get rid of a wart on the eyelid. No effect. After reading some of your posts I started giving him Thuja 30 ,MWF,saw it is growing. Now I am giving him Thuja30 once/day.
        Should I change medicine or continue giving Thuja. Please reply ASAP.

      • Hello, Ruchi,
        If the Thuja hasn’t diminished the wart after dosing for three months, it’s not the best remedy for your dog. Give me more details about the wart: how big is it? what color is it? is it flat? round? ragged edges? smooth? on the outside of the eyelid? or is it rubbing on the eye? (ouch) Let me know and I’ll recommend a different remedy more suited to your dog’s wart.

  33. Ice says:

    Hi Tamera, i just want to say thank you for tirelessly replying to all of us here. God bless.

  34. rahul benedict says:

    could anyone help me with the name and number of any veterinaryhomeopathy doctor in hyderabad

  35. ashley says:

    Hi tamera

    Thanks so much for all your help on here you’re very kind I have a question. I’ve had genital warts for about two months. I had acid treatments twice but the warts were widespread so they really weren’t able to get them all. New ones kept appearing too. I found your site and started taking thuja. Noticed a bit of difference but not much. I upped the dosage based on something I read on another site and the warts have started to disappear l Ike CRAZY! I want to thank you for starting me on this path. Everybody is different and I think I just need a strong push of thuja.

    I have a question. Before I started thuja i scheduled a laser removal. I still have one fairly large wart and two others that seem to be getting bigger but flattening. Is there any harm in getting the warts removed and continuing my thuja? Will the removal impede my healing with the thuja? I strongly feel like I’m beating this finally! I don’t want to upset things but I also wonder if I getting rid of the warts mig help the homeopathy. Any help is appreciated!

    • Hi, Ashley,
      Well, I have to take a minute to answer your question because I’m LOL at your email address!!!! You will have to change that to hpvhealed! Funny. I am so glad that I could help you. You did right in increasing the potency. No, having the warts physically removed will not effect Thuja’s action in your body. Many others have rid themselves of genital warts via Thuja. Personally, I take Thuja once a month as a preventative. The HPV is spread through contact – could be a handshake, walking around barefoot by a pool, etc.

      So happy for you!

      • jesse says:

        I have flat warts that started on my wrist and then began to spread onto my hand and several on my arm. I have noticed that I may be getting some on my face not 100% sure yet. I just started my first dose of thuja 200 ck and I was wondering how soon before and after I can drink water? & do u have any other suggestions if this doesn’t work? Thanks in advance…

      • You can drink water even while taking the remedy. One homeopath, Dr. Robin Murphy, even suggests dissolving the remedy in water and the “swish and swallow” – he says that hits many more nerve endings to stimulate and immune response. Let me know how it goes.

      • jesse says:

        I tried the thuja, I used 1 bottle. I didn’t see much change but now that I have stopped they seem to be spreading.. do u have any other treatment options that I could try?? I’m getting desperate

      • Akash says:

        Hi , Tamera ,

        I am suffering from genital warts can you give me advice for it?

        Its 1 year old problem now I want to take
        treatment like homeopathy medicine have you any solutions?


      • Warts are caused by a virus – where the warts develop varies, but in my experiences most people that try Thuja have their warts disappear no matter where they are on the body.

  36. NOS says:


    • Yes, the Thuja should help the Lichen Sclerosus as well as Lycopodium. Well, DIY homeopathics could be alot of work. First, you’ll have to make the “Mother Tincture” – soak the thuja bark in an alcohol-water solution for a period of time, then dilute. 30 C = 30 1:10 dilutions. Also, in between each dilution, you must “succuss” the liquid 100x. Succuss means vigorous shaking with impact. So, it’s worth spending the $12! Back in the 1920’s or so there was a cartoon of a homeopathic pharmacist. It showed a small man who had an enormous right arm!

  37. jchang212 says:

    Hi there,

    I have a dog with what seems to be warts on his body, which does not bother him. However, there is one on his upper lip area that has been visibly growing, which is my main concern. I found out about Thuja Occidentalis so I bought a 30c tube, giving him 3 a day. It’s been about a month and the tube is finished. The wart did not diminish; in fact it looks like it’s growing some more.
    It sounds like the Thuja is not going to work…unless it’s making the wart grow bigger and will eventually burst? Does this ever happen?

    I might try the Nitricum Acidum 30c instead… Looking for advice. Thanks very much!

    • Hello, I am sorry that I am late in my reply. Many things going on. Another remedy indicated for warts is Calcarea Carbonicum, 30C. So, you could try that. Sorry the thuja didn’t work – every “body” is different. Let me know if either the Nit or Calc works. Thank you.

  38. carl says:

    Can I ask how you take thuja? I’ve been given the vial from a reputable shop but it has not information. It looks like little plastic balls. I’ve been told not to touch them and not to eat / drink for half an hour afterwards, is this correct? 3 balls dissolved under tongue or chewed? Are there any other precautions we should take. It us for my 11 year old son. Thank you.

    • Hello, Carl, Sorry for the delay. I was attending a health conference. They do look like little plastic balls, but actually are lactose/sucrose balls. They spray the liquid remedy on them. 30C is the best potency, in my opinion, for warts. Many claim that you can’t touch them or eat or drink 30 minutes before and after, but that’s a myth. I usually put them in my palm and then under my tongue and let it dissolve slowly. Dr. Robin Murphy suggests dissolving them in about an ounce of water and then “swish and swallow” cuz he says that hits all the nerve endings in the mouth. The only thing you want to avoid is very aromatic oils – like euchalyptus, pepperiment, etc. Some even say you can’t drink coffee at all while being treated homeopathically. Another myth. Let me know how it goes.

  39. carl says:

    Thanks. Any idea of doses. I’ve been told 1 a day, 2 a day, 3 every 3 days. He has had them for over a year.

  40. Rupinder singh says:

    Warts on face many I am eating madicine thuya homeopathic how many days warts ramove on face tell me

    • I can’t tell you how long it will take for the warts to be gone. I’ve seen warts go away after just a few days of treatment and, other times, a few weeks. Every “body” is different.

  41. Jim says:

    I keep getting conflicting answers about which is stronger, thuja 6c or 30c. Can someone please give me a definitive answer? I have 6c pellets for my dog’s warts but I don’t know how to dose it. I should be giving 3 to 6 pellets, but it doesn’t mention what potency pill. Thanks for any help.

  42. Carl says:

    Just to say thank you for your advice in September. My son had had a wart on his hand a verucca on his foot. The verucca had been there for three years and we had tried everything. He took the things 30c twice a day and the liquid solution on the wart and verucca for a month. All gone now. Amazing! Thanks again for your your advice.

  43. Viz says:

    I had warts on my face under my lips, on my hands and fingers. It was really embarrassing and it was spreading. Went to a hospital and they cut it but it came back in more numbers. Then after seeing in this site, I tried Thuja 80 C (I tried homoeopathy earlier but it was not effective so I went for higher dose) along with Thuja ointment. In two weeks 80 C were finished but I continued applying the ointment. After a month it all shrank and fall off. There is not even a mark now. Thank you for helping. 🙂

  44. Sophie says:

    hi ive had this flat warts or some call it syringoma on my face (under my eyes and some on my forehead) for couple of years now..have done other treatment and bumped into this site. can any one tell me how will warts look like while taking thuja, will my face be red swollen?im considering buying and trying thuja hope this will be the answer as this bumps never gets away…also wants to know if i have understood it right, dosage will be 3 pellets each day of M/W/F??? thanks in advance

  45. Suzy says:

    My niece has had couple styes on her eyelids and it seemed to disapper after a long time. The doctor didnt do anything. Now she has a new one again on her upper eyelid. Can she try Thija 30c or do you recommend any other homeopathic medicine?
    And my daughter has a plantar’s wart on her botton of feet. I am going to give her Thuja 30c three times a week like you said. At what point should we increase the dosage or switch to another medicine in case Thuja doesnt work? I am hoping it will! Thank you so much!

  46. Tina says:

    Can you use thuja (30c) pellets and thuja occidentallis topically at the same time for genital warts?

  47. Gezahegne says:

    I got wart on my anas for along time i got treatment ,i got anas sergery , i got herb treatment still problem .Now i heared a good news thuja for wart that is for me miracle because no burning ,no pain .Thanks A lot.

  48. Carlos Camejo says:

    hello everybody ,please this testimony is true life story ,is real ,am a very honest man ,i can never post false testimony on social media ,so let me go straight to the point .me and my wife was diagnosed with HPV/WART for two years,living a life of fear for two good years .until one day i saw a post about a good herbalist in west Africa curing people from a deadly disease,such HIV/AIDS, HERPES (HSV1, HSV2), (HPV) ACUTE RETROVIRAL SYNDROME (ARS), CANCER, VITILIGO, DIABETES, HEPATITIS B. CANCER, CELIAC, ALS, CHLAMYDIA, STROKE and any kind of Deadly DISEASES,with his herbal medicine and he is also a spell caster, i thought it was not true,then i said let me try ,because am used to trying ,i have been trying for two years, until that day GOD wipe my tears,with DR TWINS, He his gifted ,and he is so honest ,so easy to get along with ,so after i contacted him via his email. ( ),so he replied and said my problem is solved that i must stop thinking,so i believed and have faith that i will be cured ,so i purchased the herbal medicine and he sent the herbal medicine to me through courier service ,when i received it ,he told me how to use it ,so i followed exactly the way he said i must use it,he said i will be totally cured after two weeks ,so after two week i went to see our family doctor he tested me and said am negative ,i was so happy i thought i was dreaming ,please don:t ignore this post ,if you think is not real try and you will testify just like me ….thanks to DR TWINS ,GOD BLESS you sir, you can also contact me

  49. Lori Brinager says:

    I have had flat warts on my legs and hands for over 20 years. I have tried everything to get rid of them. Just came across your article about thuja. I feel like I may have hope if I try it. I am so apprehensive to put anything in my body. Are there any serious side effects? What dosage would you suggest for me? If I was to count I’m sure I have over a hundred tiny flat warts on my legs. If I’m in the sun for a few minutes they spread like wildfire. Needless to say, I stay out of the sun. I would be most appreciate if you would suggest what dosage to take and when. Thank you

    • Hi, Lori, Sorry for that late delay – me email was acting badly, so I switched to a new account and forgot to change it on my blog. Homeopathics are considered extremely safe because they are microdilutions. I always suggest 30C potencies of any remedy – 30C means 30 1:100 dilutions of the original product. It seems to me that “flat warts” are on the rise and I need to investigate this more fully. Still, I think Thuja is the best bet. Me, also – the only thing I put in my body are vitamin-minerals and homeopathics.

  50. tim says:

    I have flat warts (I think) on forehead – I have been taking thuja 30 c for 3 weeks twice daily with no changes – a friend told me about dulcamara or causticum would this be more effective?

  51. Colin says:

    I have been on thuja for 3 months and my facial warts are still there, getting bigger.

    • Hello, Colin, I’m sorry the Thuja didn’t clear up the warts. Did you use the 30C potency? Some people do not respond to Thuja, but Calcarea carbonicum works for them. So, you might try that.

  52. Michelle says:

    Hello, is it safe to take Thuja occidentals while on breastfeeding? Thank you!

  53. naincy gupta says:

    Hello sir !i am 23 years old..i have 6-7 spots on my face for 10-12 says that these are warts..can i use this solution?? Does it not have any side effect??plz reply??

    • Yes, you can use it. There are no side effects because of the low potency. Be sure to get 30X or 30C potency and dose by taking 3 pills/3x/week. There is a Wart Combination remedy available at

      • naincy gupta says:

        Thank you for your precious suggestion ..I am using allopathic medicine..but it does not make effect on my skin..may I use this solution with it or I have to quit allopathic medicines? ?

  54. You can use allopathic, also.

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